Hi Everyone!

So the other day I was talking with my husband about all the pictures I take and post to social media. He said “You know, you should start a blog…”

Now don’t get me wrong, I have thought a lot about this. I even told my daughter awhile back that it was something I wanted to do, but until now I didn’t have a single thought as to how I was going to do it…

So today, I was at work irritated with the way my Monday was going and stressed about all the craptastic shit going on in my personal life (no not my immediate personal life…) and realized I need a place to vent all that shit going on!

So here it is; my first post.The woman who hates to talk, hates to verbalize, hates to let it go; has a blog…

I am still getting the hang of this, so I haven’t shared it yet. Give me a few days… and check out my About Me!


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