About Me!

I don’t blog…

Yeah, that’s what I thought until one day I realized I was obsessed with posting pictures via all forms of social media of everywhere I went and everything I ate (including my adventures in the kitchen!)

My name is Chandra and I have a problem… I LOVE to explore and share that with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!) I know (or don’t know…)

In my real life, I am an Executive Assistant, Mom, and all around Breadwinner. In my fantasy life, I travel the world exploring other cultures and food.


P.S. did I mention I was an Executive Assistant and the breadwinner? Yeah, well that means I can’t afford my fantasy life.
Family Pic 2014

So, instead I take advantage of every opportunity to explore whatever, whenever I can and sometimes that means I follow my husband around the kitchen while he cooks all his yummy food! Oh, did I mention I have a House Bitch? (and a foul mouth?) 

October 29, 2015 at 0525PM (8)

No? Well I do. Thank goodness too, because I can’t cook. Let me rephrase that – I CAN’T COOK!

You can’t cook? But you love food? And you want to blog about it? Yep, that’s me. Never said I was smart!

Don’t get me wrong, I try and sometimes (rarely) I succeed, but not very often.

October 27, 2015 at 0716PM

I like cooking and I have great ideas. I even know what you are supposed to do, but the end result never seems to turn out…


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